How to write better essays: read and learn

The best learners enjoy writing essays because it’s a great chance to shine. It’s also an interesting intellectual exercise, enabling the author to practice crafting thoughtful arguments on complex themes within the confines of a prescribed and also restrictive word count.

For many such learners each paper brings with it the challenge of making this stuff a bit better than the previous one. The matter is that when you write essays on a regular basis, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut of reiterating the same formula all the time – especially when you already get good feedback from the tutors who read them. Well, as many other learners you’re also concerned with taking your essays to the next level or in other words going from great to brilliant. The tips mentioned here below will help you to understand how to write better essays.

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Read other people’s writing works

A good move would be to share your writing works with other folks and they might return the favor. You can even organize a study group. It’s going to be a powerful step toward learning how to write better essays.

Reading other folks’ papers can help you to develop and build on your own unique essay-writing style. Read a wide range of other essays, including those of your classmates and of academics. Keep getting familiar with essays on a wide variety of subjects, and not necessarily those you’re studying. It’s clear that different disciplines normally apply different kinds of arguments and styles. Respectively, the wider you read, the more techniques you can explore and grasp to utilize in your own papers.

As you read other folks’ essays, avoid taking them at face value. Instead, be critical:

  • Think how persuasive this particular writing work is why you like it.
  • Has the author utilized worthy techniques you’ve never seen before?
  • Has the writer overlooked something?

The broadsheet newspapers turn to be another good source of essay writing. Look through the opinion pieces and dissect how the essay author has backed his or her points with evidence. Of course, don’t forget to be critical as you read. A good essay is always well-balanced. Make the most of this awesome opportunity to learn from the best essay authors. You can easily find them on the web.

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Build your vocabulary and utilize it properly

A good vocabulary will enable you to express what you really mean, as concisely and clearly as possible. Economy with words appears to be a characteristic of all worthy essays. It’s because readers hate wasting their time with rambling, long points, which could have been successfully expressed in half the number of words.

To communicate clearly and to the point, make the most of advanced vocabulary. Good essay writers never rest on their laurels in terms of their vocabulary – they working on it all the time.