Professional essay writing for a scholarship

If you need to apply for a scholarship, writing an ordinary essay is not enough. For those who already study in college, this task may be challenging but not so important, since they have been already accepted to their college. But if you're only applying, on the way you write your essay will depend whether you will become a student of that or another college or not. This is exactly why you should not underestimate the importance of professional essay writing skills. Besides, you will certainly need it further during your studying and throughout your whole academic career. Keep reading and find out how to make your essay stand out and separate it from tons of essays of other applicants.

Writing an essay is your great opportunity to prove your worthiness of being a student of a particular college and actually make the case for who you are and why they have to give that scholarship to you, not to someone else. In other words, the committee wants to learn about you as a person behind the application, to find out your strengths and goals, dreams, beliefs etc.

Get your essay started

To proceed to the writing, you already need to have a certain amount of ideas. Here's where brainstorming can help. Follow these steps:

  • Jot down what you think has to be the main idea of your essay. For example, if you have a certain essay prompt with a question, the main idea would be the answer to that question. However, if you are free to choose it on your own, think of what key message you'd like to provide your audience with.
  • Practice a ten minute free writing. In fact, this is one of the most helpful techniques to achieve great writing results. Just try writing without limiting yourself, thinking about a thing and making a stop. Just write down whatever comes to your mind for ten minutes.
  • Read and reread your notes and highlight the most significant. These are going to be your ideas to provide in the essay.

Outline your essay as a pro

Usually essays consist of three major parts, each of which serves to provide information in a structured and understandable manner. Here they are:

  • The introductory part. In this part, you will have to provide a hook to grab your audience's attention. Also, you will have to briefly introduce the main idea of your essay, which is why in the end of this part there will be a thesis statement.
  • The body part. Depending on the size of your essay, it may be subdivided into three or more parts. Here you need to provide all your ideas and arguments to support them.
  • The concluding part. Here, you will have to make your conclusions, based on the discussion in the middle part. You may also restate the main idea provided in the thesis statement.

Find out your supporting points

No matter how great all of your ideas are, they have to be supported with strong argumentation. Here are some ideas how you can find your arguments:

  • Use a fact proved by the scientists. This is appropriate if your idea relates to any kind of research.
  • Find a good quote. You may use a quote of a famous person to support your idea, if it really matches your personal opinion and the source of the quote is authoritative.
  • Give an example from real life. You can always think of an event you have faced personally in order to show how your idea is proved in reality.

Making your essay unique

One thing that all committees are looking for in the essays of the applicants is uniqueness. Your essay has to be personal and specific to you in order to demonstrate your ability to think independently and be creative. This is very important because all colleges want their students to have a bright personality, they are eager to welcome young people who are not afraid to express their own opinion regardless of whether other people will like it or not. In addition, any essay is always much stronger and more efficient if an applicant provides his personal approach or analyzes his own experience in order to reflect on certain issues.

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