Writing a scholarship essay for college

As a rule, when applying to a college or university, applicants are required to submit an essay. This is you chance to let the committee know more about you as a person, to show your strengths and tell about your achievements, dreams, goals and so on. However, for most of young people writing a scholarship essay is quite a challenging task, especially for those who don't have much writing experience and specific skills. However, the ability to write a good essay is a necessary skill that will help you further in your life during studying in the college, looking for a job etc. We know that this assignment requires a lot of time and efforts to be spend and that is why we want to share our tips and easy guidelines so you could deal with this task without a struggle and achieve the best possible results.

The importance of instructions

One thing students and applicants sometimes don't understand is that instructions are provided specifically to follow them accurately. They are not tips that you can accept or not and do your own way. The committee may not even read the essay where instructions were not followed appropriately. However, sometimes no instructions are provided and it gives applicants more space and opportunities to express themselves the way they want. On the other hand, it is always easier if someone has already predominated what you should and shouldn't do when writing your paper.

The most common instructions provide the expected size of the paper and the format. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are able to provide and prove your idea within the required limit of words, considering that each one of them has to be supported with arguments and evidences, if appropriate.

Keep your audience in mind

It doesn't mean that you need to know personally every member of the committee, but you have to be aware of their expectations, wants and needs in order to satisfy them. Usually the committee is looking for the following in the essays of their applicants:

  • The ability to express oneself independently and confidently.
  • Creativity and goal-orientation.
  • The ability to be specific and answer the question provided in the prompt.

Explain what makes you special

Unlikely many other writing assignments, in this one, you need to be really confident about your achievements and strengths. It doesn't mean that you have to dedicate your essay to priding yourself, though. But you have to be very clear when explaining why it has to be you who the committee will choose among all the other applicants. Here is what you have to do:

  • Make a list of your achievements in all kinds of areas. This may be sport, music, art, education, literature, whatever you have ever achieved something at. When your list is done, you will pick up only the best of them to include into your essay.
  • Tell about your hobbies and interests. What do you prefer to do in your free time? This can be whatever you like, beginning with playing chess and finishing with watching movies.
  • Share your goals. The committee is always looking for young people who have certain goals in their lives. What do you want to achieve? What change do you want to make in the world?
  • Tell about your strengths. This may be creativity, the ability to work hard, communicative skills, any specific talents would be perfect to mention.

Consider you vocabulary

The way a person uses words may tell a lot about him. That is why it is so important that you find proper words to explain yourself. Here are some tips in this regard:

  • Avoid repetition. It is important because otherwise you will make an impression of a person with a poor vocabulary, which will not be beneficial to you at all.
  • Don't overuse scientific terms and other uncommon words and expressions. The committee will recognize at once whether you really use these words in your daily life or you are just trying to make a false impression.
  • Keep it balanced. You don't have to be too serious, but you don't have to be too funny as well.

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