Final Examination Notes Composition


COMPONENT I: DISSERTATION: write a detailed essay in answer to one from the following concerns (worth 60 per cent of exam):

1 . Why perform historians often call the American Detrimental War the " Second American Innovation? ” • At the end in the war Congress reshaped personal and Economical character • national money and financial

• Transcontinental railroad and telegraph-became more unified with national government, overall economy, and soul American expansion • drop of farming and surge of Industrial capitalism • power shifted to the north which usually gave a brand new direction in • men go to combat leaving fresh opportunities for women and Wartime work this offered blacks new method to withstand slavery • end slavery-institution of slavery demolished-devastated southern. • men killed, terrain and livestock destroyed by Sherman • beginning of the US as a country and not because individual declares • family members pulled apart

• Lincoln moved thoughts widely

2 . How did the politics of slavery help the collapse from the Union plus the onset of the Civil Battle? • country split between rep. and dem.

• -N republicans need to keep country as it stands. not aim at • start to eliminate slavery, but for stop the spread than it. • -" house divided speech" - cannot stand. soon america will be most free or slave. not really both

• -dred jeff vs . sanford-scott remain slave. republicans irritated, democrats mixed

• -lincoln-douglas debates-race and slavery

• -lincoln-slavery morally wrong. blacks have right to earn a living.

• -douglas-doesnt worry about slaves. metabolic rate for white men just

a few. How can Reconstruction be thought to be " a revolution but fifty percent accomplished? ” • north pushed innovation but failed to follow through • -fail to shield black and ensure their privileges, limited independence (economically, vote, etc . )-black codes 1865

• -civil war and emancipation most profound upheaval in history • -conservative whites restore power through Dem. get together and eliminate many benefits of reconstruction=redeemers-" night riders" and election intimidation to get unserem. vote

• -1877 renovation ends. troops pulled out and interest in And dwindled

• -made modern day civil legal rights movement required

4. So why did the North earn the City War?

• even more people and supplies, support of the slaves, and proper war approaches such as situations that occurred at Gettysburg, Lexington, and Sherman's mar to the sea • south relied greatly on farming and in the north industry • migrants looking for opportunities in the industrial facilities

• North's had almost three times the people.

• The Emancipation Proclamation induced slaves to run away to the North and get • Fought against in the southern mostly, wins at Gettysburg and Vicksburg were a huge turning point inside the war -The confederacy could hardly replace the 60, 1000 soldiers who had been captured, wounded or killed. Sherman. • The north won the war because they had a significantly bigger amount of individuals and industries to produce necessities for the war. The Emancipation Aveu caused many slaves to run away to the north and many to get enlisted into the union army, and the conflict strategies noticed at Gettysburg, Vicksburg, and Sherman's mar to the marine proved a great inevitable victory for the north.

PART II: SHORT ANSWER: show who, what, when, wherever, and the historical significance of 5 (5) of the following (worth 40%):

Granddad Tom's Cabin-

Who: Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote this book. She despised slave battres and wrote to expose the sin of slavery.

What: It was the largest selling imaginary book in the 1850's that was a blatant attack about slavery. It started out as being a bunch of articles or blog posts and then was published like a book.

When ever: It was released in mag form in 1851 and after that as a publication in...


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