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Background is wealthy with accounts of how we all Filipinos usually sought -- and worked for - peace. To this day, real serenity continues to be a great aspiration for most Filipinos.

We all acknowledge that there remain structural problems that need to be tackled and reconstructs that must be undertaken. This is what the government is determined to respond to. However , the issues confronting the nation are multi-faceted and complex. They have been extant intended for so long that a purely military solution is usually not enough to fully solve them. Efforts to achieve genuine tranquility and securify must for that reason be supported by all.

This is exactly why we are joining various stakeholders in our serenity and reliability efforts. The AFP Inside Peace and Security Prepare (IPSP) takes space to get people's involvement in identifying, shaping and ensuring national peace and security. It acknowledges the contributions of each and every government organization, civil contemporary society organization, and even local community, are vital in rcalizing the coilunon target of making our country safer and more peaceful for the entire populace. I believe in the Filipino's capacity to bring environmentally friendly peace and security inside our country and i also shall business lead our nation to make this a reality. My spouse and i call on the Filipino individuals to take part and also to support the AFP with this meaningful effort. Mabuhay ang Sambayanang Pilipino!

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Throughout history, the AFP has always championed the

dreams of the Filipino People. This Internal Serenity and Secureness Plan (IPSP) is an invitation from the DND-AFP to get the Philippine People to take part in the surrounding of our place's peace and security. Just as much as the people will be the ultimate beneficiaries of peacefulness and security, we believe the fact that Filipino folks are likewise one of the most indispensable and important stars in any hard work to succeed the peacefulness. The IPSP is a document which will be available to every

stakeholders in peace and security. We publish this Plan with the hope of communicating to other stakeholders our eyesight in the Security Department for the peaceful, secure and designed Philippines. Functioning forward to augmenting productive partnerships with other authorities instrumentalities, non- government or perhaps ganizations and the entire Filipino cittzenry.

Mabuhay ang Sambayanang Pilipino!

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When we required our oath as members of the Military of the Israel (AFP), we have denoted our lives to safeguarding the people aod the state. Presented our years of expetience in ensr: ting intemd'peace and secruity, we carl ptoudly declare the men and wornen with the AFP have got achieved considerable gains in addressing equipped groups that threaten the counut's tranquility and secr: dty. We have dso leamed that responding to dl intemd peace and security problems cannot be made by the AFP alone.

Therefore we have bnved to explore fresh perspectives andways to getting items done. What resulted may be the new AFP Intemal Tranquility and Secudty Plan (IPSP). Oudined through this IPSP is or: capital t new tactical directioa in the perfotmance of out constitutioml mandate.

The AFP temains committed to addressing armed hazards to our country's peace and security. This kind of shall be done with utmost respect and adherence to hurnan tightt, foreign humaniarian law, and the rule of regulation. These are non-oegotiables because at the center of the IPSP are...

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Code of 1987

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