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Korean Products3

Macro Environmental Analysis4

Economic Issues4

Political/Legal Issues4

Technological Issues4

Social/Cultural Issues4

Environmental Issues5

Industry Analysis5

Threat of recent Entrants5

Negotiating Power of Suppliers5

Bargaining Benefits of Buyers6

Benefits of Substitutes6

Market Rivalry6

Interior Analysis6

Reference Analysis6

Powerful Capabilities Analysis7

Strategic Functions Analysis7

VRIO/ Core Competencies7

Gap Analysis8


How can the approach match the macro-environment? being unfaithful

Industry Environment9

How does the strategy match the industry-environment? 9

How can strategy match performance? 9

How does strategy match capacities and those of competitors? on the lookout for Recommendations9

References: 11

Appendix Four– Macro Environment Brief summary For Multi-Media Technology Alternatives Industry12 Appendix Two – Industry Environment Summary Pertaining to Multi-Media Technology Solutions Industry13 Appendix 3 – Internal Analysis To get Samsung16


Dynamic Capabilities17

Strategic Capabilities17

VRIO Framework18



Human Resources18

Research and Development18



Mind Office19


Appendix Four: Gap Analysis20

Macro-Environment – Business Technique Gap20

Sector Environment – Business Approach Gap20

Essential Competitor – Business Technique Gaps20


The multi-media technology solutions industry is definitely dynamic and the trends happen to be continuously changing with the ever-evolving society plus the shifting desires of the planet's population. This kind of analytical record focuses on the revamped organization Samsung, that is led by Jong-Yong Yun. According to Samsung you can actually business approach leverages it is ability throughout the design and development of its own operating-system and components. Samsung aims at bringing buyers around the world clentching new products and solutions with innovative, professional design, the usage and ease-of-use. (Marino, Hattaway & Knutson, 2008)

Samsung competes in the multi-media technology solutions and provides products for folks in need of pastime use, organization orientated cliental and for educational purposes. Korean provides potential buyers with a comprehensive range of desktop and laptop computers, a wide-spread range of mp3 players made for different reasons that fit social aspects and their most recent device inside the iPhone, a mobile phone made up of all facets of Samsungs range in items by including the internet as well as the ability to perform mp3's.

Samsung Products

Samsung korea still feels its main business is usually computers inspite of the mp3 ipod touch being main revenue raiser. Samsung since 2008 keeps just 8. 5% of the PC Business and is soaking in third location behind effective Dell Incorporation (31. 9%) and Hewlett-Packard (25. 3%). Its product line of desktop personal computers consists of the: Mac Pro, aimed at professional and organization users

iMac, targeted at consumer, educational and business work with

Mac tiny, made specifically for consumer employ

Their particular product lines intended for notebooks are:

MacBook Pro, intended for professional and advanced consumer users

MacBook, designed for educational users and consumers

MacBook Air, intended for professional and consumer use

The Samsung korea iPod is usually an mp3 music player and has being the main source of earnings for Korean. With the Korean iPod comes the online software and music shop of iTunes. The products connect with the other person and have been important in the success of Samsung. The product lines of Samsungs mp3 players are: ipod touch Shuffle, a simple flash-based person, the cheapest in the mp3 players and great for people when conducting exercise iPod Nano, a multi-media participant that allows videos and tunes to be played, as well as the looking at of photographs. iPod Traditional, the largest from the mp3 players containing even more memory ipod itouch, another mult-media flash structured player managed through an...

References: Samsung Inc, 2009, viewed on twenty seven May 2009


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Navegante, L


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