The Ideal Vaping Starter Kit: Who Should Use a Pod System

The Ideal Vaping Starter Kit: Who Should Use a Pod System

Vape Pods! Incredibly slim but still a very good vaping experience. Reality speaking, a single pocket can fit 5-8 vape pods in one go. It is a possibility that could never be possible with most vape devices before, especially box mods. Convenience for any vape is remarkable with vape pods but how about its performance and user compatibility? This article will provide all the necessary information about who should be using a pod system.

Carrying E-juice Bottle No More

Vape pods have a very distinct feature that serves as inspiration for their name. A vape pod uses a “pod-like” cartridge to hold the e-liquid. This feature eliminated the hassle of bringing a bottle of e-juice to vape. One full cartridge can last up to a whole day of continuous vaping without refilling it. The same goes for its battery span, which can last more than 30 hrs with a single charge. The majority of vapers that are always on the go or those who are already tired of bringing a separate bag exclusively for vaping tools and necessities use this type of vaping device for daily vaping. The convenience factor is almost the same as a regular cigarette. Take it out from the pocket and vape, then put it back, and put it out again for another vaping—a very convenient and hassle-free experience.

Starter Kit with a Very Reasonable Starter Price

Another benefit of choosing vape pods is that they are way cheaper than most vaping devices. It is a very convincing feature, especially for smokers who want a better alternative to smoking for a better lifestyle. Unlike before, there’s no need to cough up a large sum just to own a vaping device because the price difference between vape pods and other traditional vaping devices is like day and night. The consumable necessities and maintenance for a vape pod to work are also cheaper compared to owning a box mod or rebuildable mod. Starting new in vaping? Grab a pod system starter kit instead!

Unbeatable Flavor Vaping Experience

E-liquids with higher viscosity are meant to be used on every vape pod, whether refillable or not. Highly viscous e-liquids have a higher VG content making them more flavorful. The specialized atomizer of vape pods also brings out the potential of these e-liquids on a higher level, resulting in a one-of-a-kind taste in vaping experience with every puff.

Other Interesting Features of Vape Pods

These are the few extras of vape pods that are worth mentioning. First is the fast charging capability. Most rechargeable vape pods available in the vaping market have a USB Type-C charging port for lightning-speed charging of the vape device. Just a few minutes of charging, and it is ready to go. Next is the annoying spit-back or backfiring of e-liquid on the throat or tongue while vaping, which is common on vape mods with RDA and RTA. This is very unlikely or almost impossible to happen with a vape pod. Vape pods are also very unlikely to have e-liquid leakage as long as the cartridge is not damaged, which is also unlikely to happen unless there’s a physical interference. Last and most importantly, vape pods are very affordable. It is very popular nowadays with great price tags and a wide variety of options. From different sets of funky and exciting e-liquid flavors for vape pods, fantastic aesthetics, different sizes, and shapes, name it, and vape pods will never disappoint anyone. It is very easy to get one in any vape shop.

Final Thoughts

Vape pods opened a new door to make vaping once again very appealing to be an effective and accessible smoking cessation. Not only that, but vape pods also made it more convenient and hassle-free for all long-time vapers. These features of vape pods now become a quality-of-life improvement providing a far better experience for both newbies and veterans of vaping.