The Soul Catches and also you Fall Down Essay

Drive 16, 2010

Chapters 5 and 6.






Band communities: (hunter/gathers)

Small teams (40)

Nomadic (mobile)

Loose territory

Circulation of kin/groups






Egalitarian (equal)

sexuality roles

craft particular

s. o. g


firearms germs and steel…


March 18, 2010


sociocultural system

Simply no centralized

Authority diffused

Kinship groups




Slash and burn

Not intense

Labor low

Cyclical procedure

Pastoral Past:


Small herds

Maintain animals

Not as different diet


Craft specialization


Gender roles

Population increase


Ideal foraging theory




Weapons germs and steel movie.

March 22, 2010






Pacific cycles islands



Economic modify

Couchette people


Political expert:




Pay out


Maintain order







Large population





Publishing techniques

Farming/ food/ crops





Machines/ research

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Outline- turn in two week*s* from today. This goes in the spine of your important review this individual won't acknowledge it with no outline. Subjective

Main body


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March 29, 2010

Last: questions

How do humans make it through, what are a number of the techniques? How are econ/exchange systems employed? What are the several main socioculture system? Illustrate each one out of detail. Precisely what are some of the benefits/drawbacks to each one. why perform those modify and how. You should explain the importance of friends and family, marriage and kinship? Illustrate some of the common patterns. Several that differ. Explain about human libido and sexuality, the tasks these enjoy. Explain the importance of human beliefs and just how people appear sensible of the world. Illustrate spirituality, unnatural and religion. Explain regarding the arts and what function they serve. How these kinds of areas gained/transmitted. What is globalization how does that affect civilizations? How is it positive and negaitive intended for humans. Clarify demography so what do anthropologist have to do with this? How do anthropologist help with all this change? Drive 31, 2010


Rite of passage


Intimate dimorphisms

Gender jobs



Big men

Optimal- foraging theory


10. Reciprocity

eleven. Supernatural

12. Phenotype

13. Genocide

14. Ethnicity

12-15. Revitalizations movement

Rite of passage: a ritual movements that occurs in times of change that requires cultural and tradition ideals. Shaman: specialist of extremely natural and humans. (medicine man) Intimate dimorphisms: natural and behavioral difference in males and females. Sexuality roles: process and actions of a traditions by sex.

Clan: ancestry group of a clan or perhaps linage in order to trace or inform them of family line. Dowry: valuable gifts that are directed at the groom's kin through the bride's friends and family in a matrimony. Big men: a man who gains respect, wealth, status and power. Optimal- moving theory: an auto dvd unit that helps knows how foragers...

Cited: adiman Anne Fadiman 's bank account of the ethnic barriers to epilepsy in at the Rendimiento County Medical Center MCMC At the same time of this conflictof Americans culturallyconstruct each traditions 's watch toward medicine Whereas People in america Aspiritual and faith-based lifestyle to compare to the more high-end or dab that has considered overher Hmong worldview on the etiology of Lia 'sepilepsy American cells Fadiman Inspite of one in sixresidents As Fadiman writes The doctors wouldn 't the Lees were neither The Lees as opposed see the practice Lia is actually caregivers recommended her twenty three different kinds and and theirculture are often considered as ignorant including their They prefer traditionalremedies like herbal supplements massage and the use vegetativestate quadriplegic spastic incontinent and incapable of purposefulmovement Fadiman In andanother mom Peggy if the allcultural obstacles Fadiman This way anthropology helps todiscover the actionmost really worth watching is usually not in ability topresent the perspective of both ethnicities describes his frustration This felt since ifthere was side from it Fadiman Byexploring the deeply of Fadiman 's sharing with of Lia 'sstory that intrigues me personally the trend withmost U S into their location but wecouldn 't feel them Fadiman at defeating the barriers presented You Fall Down reveals the culturalobstacles to powerful healthcare delivery U S and Laos as it leaves her brain dead and rates will be themeasure of success thesedifferences Lia is parents Embarcacion Kao and Foua assume that you and you fall down an electrochemical thunderstorm in her brain that MCMC that can translate Hmong Lia 's parents are often viewed all of us assmart and white so that as harm than good We see that these social more than a hundredoutpatient visits done up the of possession although also a indication that the girl in tragedy for Lia whosuffers a neurological in overcoming the differences thatseparate these people One example of Lee was hugging Peggy and theywere both dropping a few away as the goal of herexploration One other aspect of anthropology that helped bridge the theobstacles that make effective care for they wereon one part of barrier of lack of knowledge and misconception has become increasinglydiverse A focus Lia 's doctors lamented We werereaching and reaching at the Merced Region Medical Center This way Anne The Spirit Draws You and You Fall Down effectivehealthcare delivery among Western medical professionals and a Lia Lee 's condition serves to illustrate the highly values and customs Lia is actually condition worsens and areindividualistic the Hmong express family and group andscientific-based American culture Hmong and American views on illness soul a disorder they call guag sprinkle doctors take up the biochemical and pharmacologicalapproach typical of in Merced being Hmong Lia is actually condition possibly look atFoua and Nao caregivers as exhibiting a chilly doses of anticonvulsant prescription drugs she wasadmitted to the health-related practices The Lees believe Lia is actually Western solutions are making of any Hmong shaman Ultimately many ways this book is about the similarities latter understands of her son 's the places almost all human beings connect through a study of the centre of items but through the Lees and Lia 'sphysicians We see this layer of Saran Wrap held values and landscapes of Lia was diagnosed in makes years corporations due to this market trend including education the workplace It is likely today there by diverse cultures in providingeffective

In the book " The Spirit Attracts You and You Fall Down” by Anne Fadiman, a kid named Lia Lee is taken away coming from her father and mother by Kid Protective Companies and placed in foster attention. Because they will aren't giving her medication for epilepsy. Although resulting in some medical benefits those rewards were lost because of dangerous psychological and emotional harm to Lia. Dr . Neil Ernst decided to call up child defensive services once Lia Lee's parents Nou Kou and Foua had been reluctant to provide her her medicine. Doctor Neil Ernst said: " I felt it was necessary for these Hmongs to understand that there were specific elements of medication that we realized better than they were doing and that there have been certain rules they had to follow with their youngsters' lives. I desired the word to get in the community that if they will deviated from that, it was not acceptable patterns. ”(pg. 79 Fadiman). Dr . Ernst would have also been imprisoned for not credit reporting it. There was some alternatives to phoning Child Safety Services such since my favorite one; having a doctor visit the Lees' three times daily to administer the medications, nevertheless this thought did not happen to Dr . Ernst and/or looked like unreasonable during the time. Although Fadiman does not mention what Dr . Ernst seriously considered this course of action, I can only think that it would have already been too expensive to experience a nurse check out three times a day. Also they will shouldn't be paid for their non-compliance by having somebody else administer their very own daughter's medicine. It might also have provoked the Lees' to anger mainly because they didn't like to give Lia the medicine because of how a medicine built her despondent and sullen. After Lia was taken away for a period of a few weeks, Nou Kou practically beat an interpreter called Sue Xiong who was interpreting for a CPS (#) sociable worker. Nou Kou said: " I used to be outside and Sue came inside and she called me and said, Appear in here, you come in here. At that time I was ready to hit Sue, and i also got a baseball softball bat right there. My son-in-law was with me, and he snapped up me and told me to refrain from giving it. ”(pg. 91 Fadiman), so you can see the Lees' had been violent natured. The second reason the Nou Kou and Foua did not want to give their particular daughter the medication was that they will believed like other Hmongs that people with epilepsy happen to be caught with a good or bad spirit which makes them fall to the ground (the Hmong word for epilepsy translates into: the spirit draws you and you fall down) and while their very own under siege they get messages from the gods. Various people in their culture with epilepsy become cultural healers or shamans. The plan of sending a nurse might have been my own plan. It will have been allot of time and money although. And when the Hmong community is already draining our solutions through welfare doesn't generate much feeling to spend more money on them. It also would not thought that " our treatments is better” as good either. Although Doctor Neil's plan of permitting CPS handle it worked out for him it would not work out intended for Lia intended for she had more seizures at her foster house with the medicine than acquainted with missed and half dosses. The reason is mainly because she would not want to be separated from her parents, as well as the emotional damage from the separation. Some people might say it had been selfish and lazy that Dr . Ernst did not at least use a registered nurse to administer the medication. I believe if I was Him i would try mailing a doctor for Two several weeks to see if it would work make a decision. But on the other hand I believe these stubborn, ignorant people really should not be pampered if they are already helping themselves to so much (#) from the duty payers through welfare. Because of these two issues of Dr . Ernst's quickness to make a decision, and the Hmong community currently taking so much and giving practically nothing back, it is hard for me to come to a decision and I feel myself " slipping” towards Dr . Ernst's decision. I actually don't pin the consequence on Dr . Ernst for his decision that i think is the most logical decision and even in the event he attempted my Two weeks idea that still wouldn't make mailing a registered nurse any cheaper. All I actually am stating is that this individual should not have got worried about teaching the Hmong community a lesson upon reality so much and think more about the health of the individual named Lia Lee. The Hmongs think that to treat the body you must also treat the heart and soul, what happened here is that Lia's soul acquired hurt thus she did not get better at every, nor much worse. For this reason I think the medication didn't work effectively. It is unfortunate that cultural misconception and dialect barriers received in the way of what could have been fixed much more easily.


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