The Tiananmen Square Massacre Essay

Text Profile: The Chinese suppliers Coin

Name: The China and tiawan Coin

Writer: Allan Baillie

Intended Audience:

Viewers who like tricks, with secrets and some historic events Readers who are curious about China's history


To captivate readers

To boost questions regarding identity and our impression of belonging to a place as well as to people Context: The traditional context in the novel focuses on the student protests of 1989, particularly the job of Tiananmen Square in Beijing which usually led to the Tiananmen Sq massacre.

Content and its particular significance:

Leah is the main personality in the new. Her mom was born in China and her father (who has become dead) was English, but she sees herself while Australian. In the novel, Leah and her mother Joan travel to China to find the partner of a endroit that Joan's father delivered her prior to he died. While they are looking for the coin in China, they will find their very own extended as well as learn about their family's record. At the beginning of the novel, Leah does not actually want to go to China and only would go to try to find the other half in the coin that her daddy was thus interested in. Nevertheless , as Leah learns regarding China as well as its history, and her prolonged family and their history, your woman begins to understand more about herself and her mother. This contributes to her impression of personality and thoughts of where and also to whom she belongs.

The novel will help readers to understand what it means to belong through its illustrations of:


Accepting your identity

Understanding China

Demanding your individual society

Boundaries to that belong

Language features:

The book represents these types of ideas through the language top features of:

First person (inner monologue), second person and third person narration Conversation

Detailed language (imagery and adjectives)

Flashback techniques


Brief sentences

Rhetorical questions

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