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New Technical specs: for teaching from Sept. 2010 2008

Travel and Travel and leisure

GCE SINCE and A Travel & Tourism Teachers' Guide 1


GCE AS and A Level Travel and leisure and Travel and leisure Teachers' Guide (03/09/10)

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1 . Advantages 1 . one particular - Explanation 1 . a couple of - Summary of New Standards Support for Teachers 2 . 1 -- Resources 2 . 2 - NGfL Cymru 2 . several - Websites Unit Manuals AS a few. 1 - Unit 1: Introducing Travel around and Travel and leisure 3. 2 - Unit 2: Looking into Tourism Destinations 3. 3 - Unit 3: Marketing in Travel and Tourism 3. 4 - Device 4: Working with customers in Travel and Tourism a few 4 four 6 six 7 almost eight 10 twelve 14 twenty two 26

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Unit Manuals A2 3. 5 - Unit five: Tourism Effects and Travel and leisure Development several. 6 -- Unit six: Trends and Issues in Travel and Tourism three or more. 7 - Unit 7: Managing Travel & Travel Organisations several. 8 - Unit almost 8: Managing Travel around & Travel Organisations Evaluation Guidance Contributors to the Teachers' Guide

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Appendix 1: Section C Observe Statements and Student Analysis

GCE AS and A Travel & Tourism Teachers' Guide several

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The WJEC AS and A2 Travel and leisure and Tourism specification has become available by September 2008. This is a fresh specification which follows the new GCE requirements and structure with two units comprising an SINCE qualification and 4 units necessary for an A level. Double honours at SINCE, comprised of four units and A level comprised of eight products are also available. For the two AS and A level specs there will be a mix of assessment simply by external exam (40%) and one stock portfolio which is internally assessed (60%). In the two AS and A level single award specs candidates have a choice of the portfolio that they choose to present for examination. The 1st AS awards will be made summer 2009 and the initially A level prizes in summertime 2010. For the first availability of units, see webpage 2 in the specification. The specification may be delivered and assessed in centres over the UK and overseas. This Guide is one of a number of ways where the WJEC provides assistance to educators delivering the new specification. As well essential to its introduction will be the Specimen Analysis Materials (question papers and marking schemes) and professional development (INSET) conferences. Contact Points for GCE Travel and tourism happen to be as follows: michael jordan. [email protected] co. uk (Subject Officer) clare. [email protected] co. uk (Administrative Support Officer) Subject site INSET Section [email protected] co. uk

GCE AS and A Travel and leisure and Travel and leisure Teachers' Guide 4

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The Travel around and Tourism specification builds on the broad educational platform set out in the AS and Advanced GCE General and Subject Requirements developed by the Qualification and Curriculum Authority and is made to allow prospects flexible progress routes. The specification fits candidates requiring a broad background in the subject matter of travel and travel and leisure as well as a comprehension of the travel and leisure and tourism industry. Hence, the standards will provide a possibility for applicants to progress into employment, training or higher education. The requirements provides candidates with the opportunity to acquire a array of general and vocationally-related abilities, knowledge and understanding.

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Review of the Specs

The content of the specification is definitely divided into eight units and four awards can be obtained: п‚· п‚· Single BECAUSE award. This kind of award includes two models. Unit 1 is compulsory and prospects may choose to analyze either Product 2 or perhaps Unit four. Single A level award. This kind of award includes four models. Two BECAUSE units (Unit 1 and either a couple of or 4) plus two A2 units: Unit five, which is mandatory and possibly Unit 6th or Device 8. Double AS prize. This merit consists of all AS products. Double A level award. This kind of award consists of all eight units.

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GCE AS and A Travelling & Travel and leisure Teachers' Guideline 5

AS Units

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