Importance of Shower Head Cleaning

Importance of Shower Head Cleaning

Regular cleaning of shower heads is essential to maintain their functioning and appeal. As the shower heads are continuously exposed to water, they are more susceptible to the growth and buildup of unwanted substances.

You might have noticed that bathroom fixtures cleaning is usually not a part of regular bathroom cleaning. That is why these fixtures develop corrosion and rusting even when the whole bathroom is clean and shiny.

Most people cannot understand how important it is to clean the bathroom fixtures, especially the shower heads, and ignore these accessories. If you are also among those who didn't see the point of regular shower head cleaning, this article is for you.

How Often Should You Clean Shower Head?

Generally, it would be best if you cleaned the shower head every time you cleaned the bathroom. It can be once or twice a week. This cleaning is not very detailed, deep, or time taking.

However, clean the shower head properly from in and out once a month. This cleaning might take a complete day or a few hours. During this process, you have to clean the filters, nozzles, and inner parts of shower heads.

Importance of Shower Head Cleaning

#1 Pro-Long the Life of Shower Heads

The shower heads are sensitive to corrosion and rusting, which damage the head quality and eventually minimize their life. The monthly cleaning of shower heads with vinegar or other agents completely removes the corrosion.

#2 Improve Shower Heads Performance

Shower heads are of different types, from simple wall-mounted to modern dual heads or rain showers. The deposition of minerals and nozzle cleaning can affect shower heads' functionality. Other than slowing down the water pressure of shower heads, these elements also affect their look and features like aeration, lighting, and so on. The only way to maintain the style and performance is its proper cleaning.

#3 Minimize Shower Head Clogging

Even if your showering water seems clean, the risk of nozzle clogging is still present. The water presence creates an ideal situation for the growth of bacteria, molds, and other organisms. By the time when the development of these substances gets increased, they partially or entirely block the nozzles. That is why vinegar and other liquid cleaners are used to clean the shower body from the inside.

#4 Make Showers Save for Health

As mentioned above, shower heads are ideal for the growth of microorganisms and fungus. These substances affect the shower head performance and make the water unsafe for human use.

In general conditions, humans are immune to most microbes, but an immune-compromised patient can get severe issues by ingesting these microbes. The demand for anti-bacterial and anti-fungal shower heads is growing in the market. Like declinko antibacterial dual shower heads and other showers that designed to prevent or minimize the growth of dangerous organisms.

#5 Reduced Energy Consumption

The nozzle clogging doesn't only reduce the water pressure, but it's also a cause of more energy and water consumption in shower heads. For example, the electric and power shower heads use energy for their work, and the amount of energy consumed increases by increasing the water load.

In such cases, proper, timely cleaning is highly recommended by the manufacturers; otherwise, the shower heads may become useless after a year.

The Bottom Line

Not only the shower heads but all the equipment and fixtures in your home demand proper maintenance. However, the cleaning period decreases when the conditions are ideal for the growth of harmful and unwanted substances like shower heads. In such situations, cleaning becomes more important.