The Advantages of Using Lug Nuts Torque Crowbars for Better Quality and Fewer Accidents

The Advantages of Using Lug Nuts Torque Crowbars for Better Quality and Fewer Accidents

When a teen first obtains a driver's license, one thing they learn is how to fix the car. First, you'll need to tighten the lug nuts, elevate the car, take the nuts off, and finally swap out the tire with the spare. To ensure the tire is seated properly, tighten one lug nut and then a second diagonally opposite. Keep going until you've secured all the wheel lug nuts. Put the car back down and check for tightness again. An automotive repair shop's failure to properly tighten Lug Nuts, although a very basic task, can infuriate clients.

Damage Caused By Loose Lug Nuts

Practically every mechanic has had the unfortunate experience of buying a new set of tires only to find out that they can't be removed for servicing. Frustrated, the mechanic tries everything from standing somewhat on the wrench to jumping on it to hammering on something with whatever is handy to finally slip a hydraulic ram over the hammer to get greater leverage, all of which are not allowed by the manufacturer. The result is typically a sheared-through bolt or rounded-off lug nuts that need to be trimmed. Typically, this is followed by an emotional promise to avoid the store that inspired such a nightmare forever.

Why Lug Nuts Aren't Tightened Right

Misaligned lug nuts are frequently the result of using an impact wrench. Tire changes often occur throughout the day at auto businesses. Many of them employ the use of pneumatic impact guns to hasten the process. These rotate and hammer, making short work of rusted-on fasteners. This equipment has the additional drawback of turning components at the wrong moment.

When tightening a lug nut by hand, it is easy to spot one whose threads are not aligned properly with the bolt. But with the help of an impact cannon, you can spin the nut around the obstruction. The motorist will be in a lot of trouble if they ever have a flat tire and try to remove lug nuts without using special equipment because of the cross-threading.

Some garages won't allow you to use an impact gun on your lug nuts to avoid these problems. Their sole purpose is to get rid of the target. Though unusual, there have been instances where mechanics disregarded this instruction. A better option would be to require lug nuts to be tightened according to manufacturer specifications and offer the appropriate equipment.


Most customers think of changing tires with tools like four-way lug nut hammers, combining jack handle/lug wrenches, or impact wrenches, none of which provide precise torque control. However, you can achieve this degree of control with a lug nut spanner wrench.

An investment in lug nut tension wrenches is justified for automobile workshops whose reputation rests on quality work, as mistakes in the tightening of tires can result in a loss of customers.